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ARESUB-MSDA conference on 16/11/2012

A conference involving ARESUB and the MSDA (Mauritian Scuba Diving Association)













The conference began with an introduction to the hyperbaric chamber at Victoria Hospital in Candos followed by a number of scientific presentations at the MUG centre in Phoenix.

The papers at the Conference:

- “Diving Accidents Treated at CHU-GHSR in 2011” by Jan Dirk Harms
- “The Benefits of HBOT in the Treatment of Shark Bite” by Fanch Landron
- “An Update on Knowledge of Marine Biotoxins in the South-Western Indian Ocean” by Jean Pascal Quod
- “Asthma and Diving” by Nolwenn Davy
- “Resumption of Diving following Barotrauma of the Ear” by Safar Juhoor
- “Patent Foramen Ovale and Scuba Diving”  by Olivier Geoffroy
- “Teeth and Diving” by Jean Loup d' Hotman
- “Nitrox: Advantages and Disadvantages” by Elyane Szalay
- “Legal Liability and Diving in France” by Jan Dirk Harms

The studious but relaxed atmosphere at the Conference made it possible to take advantage of a number of excellent talks. You will find some pictures of the event in the photo galleries.



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